listen .... to the whispers of your soul

“What are you going to do with your vast and precious life?
Press your ear up against your soul and listen hard.”
— Morgan Bolender, "Mary Oliver"

Spiritual Life Coaching is about removing the layers of who you're not, to discover the essence of who
you truly are and creating a life which allows the unfolding of your soul.

Do you remember who you were, before they told you who to be?
— Morgan Bolender

Coaching guides you through the process of REmembering who you are and unleashing your
true desires, gifts, and talents to create a meaningful life.

Sometimes the search begins with awareness of a growing longing or discontent, and sometimes it is initiated by life changes that are planned (for example: empty nest, becoming a mother, new job) or unplanned (for example: death, divorce, illness, job loss). 

Are you living your life or some else’s dreams?
— Morgan Bolender

Being a woman in today’s society has never been so complicated.  We have infinitely more choices than our grandmothers and even our mothers.  However, this expanded choice comes with a cost:  confusion, disconnection, guilt, and regret. Stay at home moms feel guilty that they abandoned their career, working moms feel guilty that they abandon their families; and women who chose career instead of family feel guilty that they abandoned themselves.  It’s insanity - but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way!

Happiness and fulfillment are found within, regardless of whether you have a family, career, or both.  The secret lies in connecting to, and living from, your essence, your essential self.

As women, we have grown up and live in a world that does not yet honour the divine feminine principles. We are round pegs trying to fit into square holes. By all measures, we can be successful in our career or as a full time Mom and still feel unfulfilled and disconnected: from ourselves, our natural feminine principles, and nature.

Following the path of the feminine is walking into the unknown, and requires that we develop a
deep trust in ourselves.


This is beautifully captured by Morgan Bolender .... 

Does this resonate with you?


Through coaching, you can:

  • Tap into that wise feminine wisdom within.

  • Reconnect with yourself and rediscover your passion and your place in the world.

  • Move your life from stress and chaos to calm

  • Let go of guilt, regret, and stress.

  • Reconnect with what’s truly important to you.

  • See the beauty in every day, no matter what it looks like on the surface, to reveal the simply joys of life.

  • Strengthen your trust in yourself, so that when life goes off the rails you can get back on track faster.

  • Create time for yourself each day so that you stay balanced.

  • Connect with your intuition and your own inner guidance system so that life begins to flow.

  • Live from a place of love so that you can transform your life, your family and maybe even the world.


Do you relate to one of these stories?


Stay-at-Home Mom:

You’re highly educated, began a successful and fulfilling career, got married, had a child (or children).  Together you and your husband decided it would be best for the family if you became a stay-at-home mom.  Perhaps you promised yourself it would only be for a short time, while the kids were young.  You intended to resume your career, but over time you began to lose touch with that highly educated and ‘successful’ career woman.  You’ve forgotten your gifts, talent, and worth in the world.  Perhaps you have become disconnected from yourself. 
The good news:  that ‘worldly’ woman still exists deep within you and you can reconnect with her.


The Working Mom :

A working mom recently confessed to me that she feels overwhelmingly guilty all of the time.  She believes that she is failing everything and everyone in her life.  Can you relate? When you’re at work, do you feel guilty that you aren’t at home with your kids? When you’re at home with your kids, do you feel guilty that you’re not at work? 
The good news:  you can stop the guilt, end the stress and find inner peace!


The Career Woman without kids, but wanted kids…. someday….:

More and more I see women who ‘wake up’ one day and realize that they have spent their entire life trying to find joy, happiness, and fulfillment through their career. Can you relate?  Perhaps you were looking to establish yourself in your career before focusing on relationships and family. You began your career with excitement and enthusiasm for what lay ahead, with the promise that ‘success’ would bring fulfillment, happiness and joy.  It seemed that every promotion and every job change brought you closer and closer but you never quite got ‘there’.  Then one day you woke up and figured out that the door for having kids was rapidly closing, or perhaps it was already closed and you felt enormous regret and guilt.  Perhaps you even thought that you have betrayed yourself. 
Can you ever find that inner peace?  The good news is…. Yes!


What's your story? What is it like to be you? Who are you?

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