"I find it hard to fathom, My coaching with Susan started just over two years ago. I was unhappy, disgruntled with where In was in a relationship, had been wanting and planning on moving away from Calgary for four years and felt like everything was stagnant, nothing was changing or moving in the direction I wanted my life to go. My life was good in many/most aspects but I wanted extraordinary/outstanding.
I would suspect that anyone who seeks a life coach is in a place of discomfort. That was me!
My experience with Susan’s coaching was very rewarding but don’t get me wrong. I squirmed as she asked some questions, knowing that I was making  or had made  recent decisions that would hamper achieving my goals. She is very good at digging deep, asking things I should have been asking myself as I fumbled in old patterns.
She explained this is as the process- that she would help identify a part of myself deeper within me that had the answers and solutions to getting out of my discomfort, to get to a place of thriving and flourishing. We set targets for the changes I wanted to see, the life I wanted to live. I recall something about moving back to Denver, a closer relationship with my son and more outdoor/biking time. I think those were three of the top five.
It seems that something clicked. My relationship with my son Val is good, very open, healthy and respectful, We have great conversations about anything  under the sun. My bike and outdoor time have just taken a turn for the better,  drastically improving as I have been able to make Sedona AZ my home address since last week. I realized I would have been settling to go back to Denver So I went for the
upgrade. I truly believe I wouldn’t be in this place today without Susan’s guidance, no way to prove or disprove…. 
With Susan’s help I feel I am better equipped to stay on track towards my goals, that I have clearer goals in mind. Thanks so much for your help Susan, Looking forward to the next leg of my journey." (April 2014)

- Don Harms


"Using Susan as a life coach changed my life. I was very career driven and loved my work. When I got married and we started a family, I continued to work. Then my husband’s job moved us to Calgary when I was pregnant with our second child. We decided that I would stay home and become a full-time mom. I loved it but all the time I had this nagging feeling that I had failed in some way because I wasn’t working. When I would meet other successful women, I would think it could have been me if only I had continued in my career. The whole time I was at home, I kept thinking I should be working.

I started working with Susan when I was at the point where my eldest was leaving for University. This excited me for many reasons but also for the reason that maybe now I could kick start my career. Working with my coach, I realized that I was already a success. The most important thing in my life has always been my family.  I realized how lucky and blessed I am that I have been able to stay home and watch our children grow. I no longer resented the choice I made. Being a full time mom has been and is the most important job I will ever have. This was the right choice for me.

I no longer have this nagging feeling that I should be looking for a new career. It has freed me in so many ways and made me realize how happy I am! I love my life! I wish I had starting working with a life coach 15 years ago.  Thank you Susan."

- Katie M.,  Mother of three


Dear Susan,

Once again, congratulations!  It is I who must thank you profusely.  It has been wonderful being able to connect with someone who connects with my inner soul.  Although, at times, it tough finding ‘a lost/confused/sad me’ in amongst our sessions, I know this was one of my best decisions taken.  Initially I wanted to partake to assist you in your endeavours – that changed after our very first session … words actually can’t really do justice to how much for have clarified and guided me in my relationships, perceptions, work and so much more.  So from the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU!


- M.C., Teacher and mother of grown children